Braiding & Locking Gel

by Usama Arshad on May 18, 2023

What Is Braiding And Locking Gel?

Do you want to create lasting braids or locs? If you have locs or twists that look unhealthy, then you badly need a good braiding gel. To make locks and twists stay in place and look healthy too, this is a life hack. 

That’s why we have brought a premium-quality braiding & locking gel that is specially designed to provide a secure grip as well as a smooth finish. Let’s go through the need for a braiding and locking gel and how our product stands out from the rest in this article.


Braiding & Locking Gel 

What is the need for braiding & locking gel?

Thanks to braiding gels, it's no longer difficult to flaunt healthy, clean, and gorgeous locs and braids. Some benefits of braiding and locking gels are:


Making locks maintenance affordable

Now, maintaining locs doesn’t come at a high price. You can maintain them without the help of hair supplies or salon trips. All you need to do is visit the salon every 2 to 6 weeks.


Provides maximum hold

Once you have created a braid or locs and preserved them with a locking gel, you don’t need any additional styling. Also, gel not only holds the braid and locs for maximum time but also preserves hair strength by retaining moisture.


Minimizes daily effort

After setting your hair in dreadlocks with the help of a braiding gel, you need little to no preparation the next morning. All you need to do is use a scarf at night to protect your hair. So, the next morning, you are good to go without doing anything to your hair.


Improves your hair growth

Braiding and locking gels retain your hair’s moisture and make them less prone to damage. Also, you don’t need to frequently manage your hair. This ensures good hair growth.


What makes our braiding & locking gel special?

Island Twist braiding & locking gel is a styling gel that is rich in the most beneficial natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, and Vitamin E oil. That’s why it not only maintains your braids, twists, and locs for a longer period but also nourishes your hair. Some other benefits of our premium-quality gel are:


No flaking or build-up

The problem with most braiding & locking gels is the buildup or residual remains of gel that collects as flakes. You won’t face any such issue with our braiding & locking gel.


Natural ingredients

Finding natural ingredients in today’s chemical-filled market is not an easy job. Our gel brings you two-in-one benefits. On the one hand, you use it to maintain your braids and locs for a longer time, while on the other, it nourishes your hair. The result is healthy and shiny hair.


For all hair types

Another issue common with most other hair gels is that they suit only a specific type of hair. Some are not meant for smooth hair; hence, they need multiple reapplications. While others act best when you apply them in the shower as wet gels. Our braiding & locking gel has no such issues. It is equally effective for wet and dry hair and suitable for all hair textures.


Competitive price

Price is another thing that most customers consider before buying a product. Keeping that in mind, we try to maintain a competitive price for all of our products, including our hair gel.


Five aromatic fragrances

This braiding & locking gel has five amazing fragrances, including coconut, lemongrass, mango papaya, passion fruit, and peppermint.


Method to apply

For best results, wash and condition your hair. It’s better if you use Island Twist Authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil to make your hair stronger and protect your scalp. Section your hair and apply a little bit of gel with your fingers or a comb close to your scalp. Spread the gel evenly through your hair. Then make the hairstyle you want, either a braid, twist, or dreadlocks. Finally, use a hair dryer until your hair is dry to achieve a finished look.


Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a premium-quality hair styling gel that also nourishes your hair to keep them healthy and shiny, try our braiding & locking gel. Not only does it provide maximum hold for braids, locs, and twists, but it also keeps edges smooth without any buildup or flaking. Whether you want to make intricate twists or braids, retwist your locs, or make a smooth bun, this gel is perfect for every style. With the ability to work both wet and dry hair equally and being suitable for all hair types and textures, our braiding & locking gel is a perfect fit for all.

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